Thursday, September 9, 2010


(Proof of Rich Spoilt Children Having Everything) - ROFL

Though this is not the first time I ve been inside a Porsche cayenne, This one's special...I could rip it a bit....

This particular piece is a Cayenne S, which makes around 400hp and 50kgm of torque. I was very much excited, very much, more than I can express through words..

Also it is very special for me because, this is the first time i am taking such a powerful vehicle for spin. All these years of wait to drive a Porsche ! Automotive giant, German built, True hardcore company which makes the mighty 911....!   list is endless.......AAAhhhhhhh.....&&^%^&%*^&%.....

I drove it in Cochin, Kerala. Coz the guy who runs the Porsche showroom happens to be my brother in law's old schoolmate. Thanks to both. Before gettin into the car I literally prayed to god. Donno y? Once I got in, it was fine coz a bit familiar for me, as this is not the first time.

First two minutes I was busy checking the bose audio system, after settling with a michael bolton's song I decided to go further and check all switches, Cabin is fine. Switches dosent feel as they have been dumped into. Properly placed. Column stack -  the other way. Only eye sore was a sim slot for gsm mobile with a chrome plated surrounding...why!!!!   porsche owners like to flaunt their sim's ?????

Cabin space is enough, Seats are good, Overall visibility is good. Everything seems to look fine until you floor the pedal.  It thinks its like the torch in old windows XP ! Should I, should I downshift...Once on move you tend to forget about them and starts to enjoy the power and torque. Due to its heavy weight body it wont make you feel like you are in a 400hp car, To the max a 250hp car. I have enjoyed more in the back seat of a bmw 3 series.

It corners, Yes this suv does takes corners smoothly and without scaring the #### out of you. I fondly remember taking a corner in Toyota Innova (though miles apart) which eventually became the last time for me to try that in it. Keep the revs in band, it will forget its weight and run.

Rear seat comfort - I donno , Its fine as told to me by my bil. Luggage space no idea. ! wonder if they exist !

In sports mode acceleration sharpens a bit, infact more than a very bit. Which made me to brake hard to accomodate a traffic. At that moment I found out one thing, The right windscreen washer sprayed a small jet of water into the lower windscreen, only right ... wonder why !....The brakes are not good enough . I know im commenting about one of the giants in automotive history. Still, this is what i felt. or I was too fast !! he he he.....!!  with this I ve set a new personal top speed record..

Fuel consumption wont be a problem for their owners, still they are looking forward for a hybrid and a diesel motor. Kill them !

Entire package is fine if you are in the market, looking for a suv which can scare people with its looks, powerful enough to move the earth, legendary performance and you have a Ferrai to do track days and a Range Rover for off roading !!

Am i  happy, No...but I am happy with that.. coz there is a very good reason for that.. I will only be happy when i sit inside a car lightened to even its wheels bolts and leather kicked out for alcantara with power and handling no one can match...A Ferrari...!   aaaaaaaagggggrrhhhhhhhhh